• Atelierhaus Hilmsen Residency - Hilmsen Germany - 2021

    Atelierhaus Hilmsen Residency - Hilmsen Germany - 2021

    Story to come.

  • Ten Days of Art | Online Artist Residency 1st-10th March

    Ten Days of Art | Online Artist Residency 1st-10th March

    My Supernova, 36x72, Mixed Media on Canvas

    Ten Days of Art | Online Artist Residency 1st-10th March

    Day 1
    Today has been an ambitious day and I decided to go big. I used two 48 x 36-inch canvas to create a 48 x 72-inch space to create this work (eventually named My Supernova). Currently, I am working with pallet knives and color washes. There is a lot of energy in my work not only in the process but with the final outcome. My work tends to be created out of emotion so when I approach the canvas there is no predetermined idea or vision in which I am trying to reach. The outcome is the process of emotion expressed with color, scraping with pallet knives and other objects to help move the paint. Somewhere in the process, I will begin to dilute paint and water to allow for more of a translucent effect to happen over the opaqueness of the first layers of paint. I will continue with these processes back and forth until I reach a point where I feel settled on what I see.

    Day 2
    Today I worked with more color wash although I began with using the pallet knife. I used an India ink pen to draw shapes and to define some of the drips and runs of the diluted paint and water. There are many layers of paints and glazes on this piece and to make the process go faster I used a blow dryer to dry the acrylic paint. I chose bright colors again today, most likely because there was a family get-together to celebrate my father’s birthday. My work is all about mood and emotion so I am gathering, unconsciously, I chose the colors because of this.

    Day 3
    Today was a small works day working on an 8 x 10 canvas. Yesterday was experimental, but today I returned to the familiar. I challenged myself to complete this piece in 30 minutes and I feel I succeeded with my goal. The time constraint was a bit frustrating, but I feel the piece is complete.

    Day 4
    This is the edited piece from Day 2, Playful Underground. The more I looked at the piece the more I felt it needed to grow. Most times I feel like this about my work. There are times where I will go back after I am certain it is completed and I will start painting again. Then there are times that will let a piece rest where it is and leave it as is. Today was one of those moments where I felt compelled to sit and stare at the surface, the colors, and the marks and to remember why I created it. I created it out of celebration and so I decided to give more movement to the piece with more color wash and shapes making their way across the canvas giving it a musical quality. This piece is far different than any other piece I have created and I enjoyed this day’s journey.

    Day 5
    Yesterday was a turning point in regard to the composition of my work. So, I have decided to explore the use of more shapes along with the pallet knife and color washes. I felt like this might happen when I decided to commit to the challenge of creating a piece of work a day. I needed this change just to myself into a different frame of mind. Changes are good, but they are challenging and I like to create new avenues to explore.

    Day 6
    I experimented on paper today. 10 x 10 hot press watercolor paper. I enjoyed making this piece and can see it being created on a 48 x 48 canvas. Going large seems to be my favorite thing to do.

    Day 7
    The colors say it all. Sat and stared at the canvas for a while. Today was a very thoughtful day with a mix of milestones, fear, uncertainty, and most of the realization that each day is precious. I will not let the moment of each day fade away so I named this Not Fade Away. This piece is a 19 x 22 acrylic on canvas.

    Day 8
    I experimented on paper again today. 10 x 10 hot press watercolor paper, but used mixed media with acrylic paint. I explored more color wash and pallet knife painting and incorporating some graphics within the composition. Again this piece was created off of the emotion of the day.

    Day 9
    I continued to work on paper today. 9 x 12 hot press watercolor paper, but used mixed media with acrylic paint. I am enjoying this new turn in composition and artistic development. I am thinking with the small pieces I have created I will make larger pieces of them on canvas and let this new path continue to grow.

    Day 10
    My final piece and I chose to work on paper again. This piece is 9 x 12 mixed media titled Walking the Trails. I have enjoyed this new direction I have found and the challenge of the ten days to create an artwork per day.

  • Radiant Light Studio Residency, Santa Fe, New Mexico - 2020

    Story to come.